Interviewing techniques tip 2: Develop a compelling storyWe tend to conclude that our lives are pretty much the same as other people that they’re average and boring. As a result, many people don’t tell their own story well. But your story is so much better than you think.

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That fact might not make the controversy disappear, because for 50 years, nothing has. Native American leaders have been fighting against the name of Washington’s NFL franchise for more than half its existence, through lulls and frenzies, in climates conservative and liberal. A new Washington Post poll suggesting that the vast majority of Native Americans are not bothered by the team name likely won’t end that campaign..

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If things are not going to be safe we need to err on the side of caution. Said despite the postponement, he optimistic of the chances that there will be a winter or spring football season, assuming control of the virus is possible and testing becomes more rapid and readily available. He even threw out the possibility of traditional spring football practices taking place in November and December as the ramp up to a possible season in early 2021..

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One of the real pleasures of listening to Romo on air is to see him finally get his due for that intelligence. For years he was unfairly criticized as a stat flamboyant player who was unable to win in January, when in fact he was a 65 percent passer and the one consistently great factor on an otherwise unstable team. Whether Romo would make a great coach is unforeseeable; what’s certain is that he’s an extraordinary voice who helps everyone at home reframe the game with more respect for it and him..

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