Seattle not only won its second straight NFC West crown, but it also repeated its feat of snaringhome field advantage throughout the conference playoffs. Last season, no playoffopponentwas able to go intoCenturyLink Field, where the Seahawks have arguably the NFL’s greatest advantage, and emerge victorious. Now Seattle has a week to rest and see who is able to win a chance to travel to its daunting venue.

Cleveland’s next challenge will unfold in a national window, as the Browns travel to New York to take on the Jets in their first “Monday Night Football” appearance since 2008. In a nod to the NFL’s ongoing anniversary celebration, the Browns Jets game is a rematch of ABC’s first ever “MNF” broadcast on Sept. 20, 1970.

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Cheap Jerseys from china Mahomes made a spectacular play to escape the Indianapolis pass rush and fire a first half touchdown pass to wide receiver Byron Pringle. But he mostly was contained from there in a 22 for 39, 321 cheap jerseys yard passing performance. The Chiefs trailed, 13 10, at halftime and were being shut out in the second half until a field goal by kicker Harrison Butker with 1:16 to play.. Cheap Jerseys from china

I’m biased. Full disclosure, I’m not a full on Browns fan (go Saints!) but I live here, married into a family of Cleveland natives and long time devoted (and frustrated) Cleveland sports fans. I know from personal experience that Cleveland is far better than its “Mistake By The Lake” moniker and the ongoing jokes about the Cuyahoga River catching on fire..

Researchers haven’t unraveled the mystery of just how testosterone increases libido. It’s normal for a man’s sex drive to slowly decline from its peak in his teens and 20s, but libido varies widely between men. What one man might consider a low sex drive, another might not.

wholesale jerseys from china The Redskins traded for Alex Smith to replace Cousins, even before Cousins officially exited. Smith’s season ended with a devastating leg injury and his return to football has been complicated by an infection, according to people familiar with the situation. The Redskins’ season has come unraveled as they’ve gone through Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez and now Josh Johnson as their starter at quarterback.. wholesale jerseys from china

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Now, with the restart, they are a dramatically different team than the one that was sinking fast in the west. They are seen as the “sleeper” team, the dark horse no one wants to meet in the playoffs. Even Charles Barkley thinks the Blazers have a chance against the Lakers:. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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It’s hard to separate what Hunt did well from an abysmal defensive performance by the Patriots. Watch this film back again and you’re left with the impression that New England didn’t know what it was doing, especially after Dont’a Hightower left the game near the end of the third quarter. To that point, Hunt had 14 touches for 88 scrimmage yards and a touchdown, which is a fine performance.