canada goose outlet McDavid is on pace for 126 points this year. If he hits that mark he will also pass 8th place Ales Hemsky (477). Then Doug Weight is 7th at 577. Nine Entertainment, the owner of this masthead, sent a joint proposal from the Nine Network and the newspapers for a debate to both major parties in early March. The Coalition indicated it wanted to accept the offer but Labor initially declined. Nine Network news director Darren Wick said the network reached 12 million viewers and was “disappointed” Labor had not recognised the opportunity to impress voters.

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cheap canada goose uk The fire brigade arrived and you can you can just make out the water attempting to put out the flames in one of the photos but it all happened so quickly.then walked 2 miles up the busway to Swavesey to be picked up by buses there.The bus engulfed in flames (Image: Kyle Smithers)Smoke high in the sky from the bus fire (Image: Kyle Smithers)Smoke billowing out from the bus (Image: Kyle Smithers)Fire crews on the scene on the busway fire (Image: Kyle Smithers)Stagecoach driver injured in crashA spokeswoman for Stagecoach told Cambridgeshire Live: car was involved in a collision with one of our vehicles on the Guided Busway this morning. Passengers were evacuated immediately; however, we understand that our driver has been injured. Our first thoughts are for the welfare of those involved.. cheap canada goose uk

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Canada Goose Parka 1. Punting is an actual thing Punting is, of course, one of the main attractions in Cambridge. But from an outsider point of view, it quite difficult to imagine being taken past the idyllic Cambridge colleges on a small, thin boat that’s being pushed forwards by a person with a stick. Canada Goose Parka canada goose clearance I am not from the US, so bear with me if I am misunderstanding the nuance of the situation. But reading US news, it seems that it is common for police to arrest people for (and only for) resisting arrest. Resisting arrest by definition must occur when attempting for arrest someone. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose sale Could you imagine if you used a tool like restic or borg and the pack encoding format changed, or if the tool sources are simply gone when your relatives have to figure out how to get at the files in 10, 15, 20 years I don want my relatives playing code detective or archaeologist!Which reminds me of a downside to using tools like restic, borg, and the like I forgot to mention. When I evaluated them for my hundreds of GB of family pics+videos, there is a “dedupe” step that all these tools want to perform. When I tested them a couple years ago they were dog slow for my files, because pics + video are already highly compressed and there is very little “deduping” you going to wring out of them unless you have multiple copies of the same files Canada Goose sale.