But Biden did not limit his criticism to Trump’s purported remarks in France. Rather, he laid out a litany of examples to build a case that the president’s professed admiration for the Armed Forces is based on political expediency. Intelligence reports that Moscow had bribed Taliban forces to kill American troops; and the efforts by military leaders to drape a flag over the name of the USS McCain battleship in Japan ahead of Trump’s trip there last year..

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Kittle returns, makes TD catch: Kittle, who left the field earlier in the game after absorbing a hit on his left knee, returned quickly to the lineup and got the San Francisco offense moving late in the first quarter. He had catches on consecutive plays, finishing by breaking tackles on his way to the end zone on a 30 yard touchdown strike from Garoppolo. (49ers 7, Cardinals 7 with 4 seconds left in the 1st quarter).

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