Got a little lackadaisical, just because we had a lead. At the end of the period, Schott putback and Fogle trey gave the Cadets a 16 point cushion going into the fourth quarter.At the start of the fourth, Fogle knocked down another three. But Frontier answered that with a 7 0 run on two buckets by West and one by Minder plus a bonus freebie..

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Despite dropping a close first set, the Rebels bounced back to take a 2 1 lead and had the match won, before Oregon State staved off four match points in the fourth set to force a deciding fifth set. The Beavers led 8 7 at the changeover and 10 8, but the Rebels hung in there with some big kills and forced Oregon State to make the mistakes at the end. Holding a 12 11 lead, the Beavers had a service error, ball handling error and two attack errors, as the Rebels closed it out 15 12 for the 3 2 win..

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