That’s exactly where he is. Alone. It is not his fault things are not going as planned. “It was something that was really cool for me to be a part of, to be able to call the games and to be able to continue to travel with the team, cheap jerseys and to have that camaraderie and experience as I got out of my career,” Cooley told Sheehan of his broadcasting career. “You hear so many cheap nfl jerseys former players talk about what they miss, and so many players miss being around a team. I got to do that for the last six years.

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cheap nfl jerseys It’s not good for the integrity of the game.”Indeed, the referee (technically the side judge) who signaled touchdown at the end of Monday night’s game was revealed to be one Lance Easley of Santa Maria, Calif., who, according to the Santa Maria Times, worked junior college and high school games along California’s Central Coast before the NFL hired him as a replacement.On a fundamental level, all sports rely on the credibility of its games’ outcomes to sustain fan interest. If fans can’t trust that the winner and loser were decided fair and square, the fabric of the sport unravels which is why the 1919 Chicago “Black” Sox gambling scandal, a handful of college basketball point shaving scandals of the past 50 years and doping scandals in baseball, cycling and Olympic sports were so damaging.That trust is even more important for the NFL, because it is by far the most popular sport for gambling, legal and otherwise. Various estimates Tuesday suggested that anywhere from $150 million to $500 million switched hands thanks to Monday night’s outcome, based upon the fact the Packers had been 3 point favorites at kickoff.”I think [the officiating problem] is extremely damaging for the league’s image,” Scott Minto, director of San Diego State University’s Sports MBA Program, said Tuesday, “and if [the NFL is] not careful, it can be damaging for business.”. cheap nfl jerseys

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