That seems like a pretty impressive achievement!Question for anyone here:What do you use to play 4K I have an Apple TV 4K, which can do 4K Dolby Vision playback and looks ok, but the Apple TV tends to have some jittering when streaming certain shows (very noticeable in panning shots of animation). It does not seem to support Dolby Vision though. Do so few people use the product that it just goes unnoticed?My LG 4K TV has fantastic Netflix, Prime, and Disney+ clients.

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Strengths: Good size and long arms with room to add more muscle mass. Will shift in formation and drive through defenders on run blocks. Good hand placement and keeps legs churning through blocks. But this discussion, like so many others, cannot be saved for another time. It’s more urgent than it has ever been. If Snyder doesn’t make a change in this moment, the name is here to stay, and the racist stench of Marshall never dissipates.

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Remarkable moderation by a moderator: Warren Woods, an ardent Maple Leafs fan and an all time great sportscaster, somehow manages to play host to CJME Garden Talk without mentioning Maple Leaf Gardens, former Leafs defencemen Bill Root and Jim Korn, or legendary goaltender Jacques Plant(e). Woodsy utters nary a word about Jake Gardiner or Cal Gardner during a one hour show. Nor is there a mention of Bill Watters or (very sorry for this one) Tim Horticulture.

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