“We’re not going to announce an alternate opening day at this point. We’re going to have to see how things develop,” Manfred told the St. Louis Post Dispatch at Cardinals camp in Jupiter, Florida. Oregon expects a lot from an undersized linebacker. California lost some receivers in the offseason, which gives others an opportunity. Colorado hopes one player can help its depth up front.

DEMOVSKY: No. Ron Wolf, before he got hired by the Packers, was a scout for the New York Jets. And he rated Brett Favre as the number one player in the 1991 NFL draft. Greg Mortenson doesn hide his light under a bushel. He makes more than 160 public appearances annually, in all parts of the country and abroad, and frequently appears in the news. For each of the past three years he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

All wonderful suggestions, Citizen R is exactly my sort of place (though not open on Mondays so missed that aspect of the question), Sidebar is where we went late Monday night, and I tried several of the other places over the next week. And bravo re the Geisha a Go Go recommendation was great to discover private room karaoke in AZ and with stripper poles too (though we used a smaller room). Looking forward to trying the remaining places next year..

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