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The great teams of NFL past were build on a solid defence. They may have had a top level QB there as well, but success was dependent on stopping the other team scoring.Over the past few years, this motif has faded into obscurity as teams led by Messrs Brady, Manning (Peyton and Eli), Brees and Rodgers have been crowned Superbowl champions. Yes, there have been exceptions within that time, but the dominant side this season, the Green Bay Packers, who are led by Aaron Rodgers, who is putting up numbers more terrifying than seven.(For this joke to work, it assumes that you are familiar with the joke is six scared of seven? Because seven eight nine.

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The new bar doesn’t serve the full menu but offers bar snacks. I was disappointed at the tiny selection, which on this day was just three things. I tried the Sonam’s pork and shellfish dumplings ($9.50) because I’m not a fan of fried foods (the other twowere crispy tonkatsu or sesame chips).

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