Do you know why Everett was in what locals admit is a “seedy” part of town? Because he grew up there. He has friends and family who still live there. And so I ask you: What is the crime in that? Where is the crime in a black man visiting his friends?.

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I saw racism all around me growing up: I remember getting a homecoming ballot in high school and seeing the names divided on the page. One section read “black,” the other “white.” I remember thinking it couldn’t be real. That was in 2004.. He spends his days in the gym and on the golf course. He has been doing more reading; concerned friends have sent along self help books. When he wants solitude, Pitino takes his boat, The Floating Cardinal “I know, I’m going to change the name,” he said on a short trek over to Shuckers, a dockside bar attached to the back of a Best Western where the locals tend to leave him be as he sits at the bar, orders a salad and watches a game..

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