Some more details on how this works. First, we use AV (which you may remember from our look at the draft from last year) to calculate how much value each team is expected to produce with its picks. AV accumulates for each player as he plays more (regular season only), similar to WAR in baseball or NBA win shares.

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With another NFL season in full throttle, it is understandable to think that the movement Harjo started driving so many decades ago stalled somewhere. The NFL team I grew up rooting for in this town, where Harjo moved in the early ’70s and reared her children on Capitol Hill, still touts the most derogatory of Indian epithets and imagery. Most broadcasters of its games say the name without a modicum of concern..

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Boldin, a Super Bowl winning wide receiver who retired in 2017, co founded the Players Coalition to focus on reforming the criminal justice system. He now sees the same phenomenon unfolding on a different scale in the wake of the civil unrest that has convulsed the country following the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. To Boldin, some reaction to current protests has been an echo of Kaepernick’s experience, with news coverage and opinion turning to who bears responsibility for looting and riots rather than the protesters’ call to end police brutality..

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