How do we concentrate you ask? We need to get ourselves in a state of relaxed attention. In this state you are in full control of your attention and therefor your concentration. Let me explain ‘relaxed attention’ due to some confusion I have had in the past.

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Yes I think stevia is a good substitute but you have to watch the quality of it. I was in a natural food restaurant the other day and was happy to find they had stevia in little packets for coffee. But when I read the ingredients it had dextrose in it.

Was doing this already before, and I don know why he can keep doing it now, Sui said. Still interacts with teachers and other students. He still has homework and writes essays and reads and takes tests. Now there is the Superman of antioxidants called ALA. What is ALA? It stands for alpha lipoic acid. It protects both the fat and water systems of the body from oxygen shock.

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Understand your audience: Be aware of who is your existing audience and be cognizant of what your target pains and priorities are. During a time of crisis, priorities shift to security, family, and community. How can you be a part of that conversation? In recent days we seen grocers like Woolworths in Australia, establish a hour so that senior citizens can shop early, when the stores have been cleaned and restocked, to ensure they get a chance to get what they need in safety.

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